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Chris Hendren combines her expertise in yoga, classical training, functional training, and joyful play to work with women who are ready to take charge of their own health. Chris meets her clients where they’re at in order to create a customizable program that’s intentional, unintimidating, and effective in a way that allows intermediate movers to successfully maintain progress in their health.

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Get Excited About Your Health, Your Age, and Your Future!

Fit Life Forever! explains how and why exercise is the smartest move you can make. But we’re not just talking about pushing weights around at the gym. No, we’re talking about training ALL of the domains of physical function: Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular, Cognitive/Emotional, Mobility, Balance, and Cardiorespiratory.

The latest science is changing everything we know about aging and fitness, and the good news is we have a lot more control than we’ve known. In Fit Life Forever! you’ll discover how brain and body activities can help you enjoy an active life for another 30-50+ years. Inside this book, you will learn how to adapt your workouts to tap into all of these vital factors to living healthy longer. Life is a journey. Learn how to invest in yourself to live a fit life forever!

Chris Hendren, Fit Life Wellness

Ways to Work Together

Ready to get started? Whether you’re interested in personal training programs, nutritional coaching, or blood flow restriction training, Chris is ready to work with you!

Personal Training Programs

8-Session Pass

8, 50-minute personal training sessions.
One custom exercise plan.


A 6-month membership.
48 sessions.
Custom exercise plans, nutrition guidance, results guaranteed.


A 3-month membership.
24 or 36 sessions.
Custom exercise programs.


A 3-month membership.
24 paired sessions.
Work along side a friend and gain friendly accountability and support.

Special 14-Day Trial

A 2-week membership.
4 sessions.
One exercise plan.
Flexibility, Strength & Balance evaluation.
One nutrition plan.
Available to new clients only.

Personal Training Programs

Free 50-Minute Trial at Fit Life Wellness by Chris Hendren

Try out Chris’ Free 50-Minute Trial!

This free, one-time trial offer lets you experience coaching and encouragement from Chris and includes…
Movement Evaluation: Chris works alongside you to determine the best movements for you.
Mini-Workout: Workout with Chris so you get to know her as a personal trainer.
Goal Discussion: Together you’ll discover the desired path to reach your fitness and health goals.

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“Chris is consistently upbeat, positive, and very encouraging. She listened to my goals and has created an evolving workout that is varied and keeps progressing as my abilities do.”
– Jane Ridlings

Let’s Reach Your Goals Together

Gain confidence, reach your physical goals, and have fun doing it because it’s your turn!
Choose your program and book an appointment today!

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Let's Reach Your Goals Together!

Gain confidence, reach your physical goals, and have fun doing it because it’s your turn! Choose your program and schedule an appointment today!